Jumat, 30 Desember 2011


Fish are animal that lives in  water. There are many different kinds of fish which have many shape and colour. Many fish have a small body and the others have a big body.
Nemo is one kinds of small fish. They have a small body and colorfull scales. Some nemo is orange, blue, or yellow. The scales of nemo look like a clown. So, many people in indonesia calls nemo with clown fish. Peoples like keeps nemo in their house, because many people like with nemo.
One kinds of big fish are whales. Whales have a very big body . the body of whales look like  a monster at the sea. The colour of whales are black and thee are some white colour in their stomach. Whales usually in a deep sea. Because they like in a dark sea. They are great  fish. They have strong bone and strong jaw. The other fish that have a big body is shark, but sharks body is more small than whales. Sharks have a white colour, they have a pointed mouth and sharp tooths. They uses their tooths to tears their victims

Pedicab is a most popular traditional transportation in indonesia. We can finds it almost in every province or region in indonesia. Sometimes, wew can finds pedicab in certain places , such as in market or in seams of street.
Pedicab is a unique traditional transportation, its have three wheels. Two wheels in front part of pedicab and one wheel in back part of pedicab. Pedicab  have a cover like umbrella. It can opened when rainy  or the wheather is hot. Usually type of pedicab in every province is different. In medan, the pedicab usually use a motorcycle as a machine. So, the rider is didn’t have to paddles the pedals of pedicab.